Shark Protection: $2000 Raised

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Posted on 24th February 2012 by calypso in Career |Diving |Environment

We did it! Months ahead of schedule, we’ve reached our $2,000 fundraising target for AWARE Shark Protection donations. We’d like to thank all our divers who joined us for fun dives and courses, because the more you dive the more we donate! Special thanks to those who made their own extra voluntary donations, and particularly to our students who chose AWARE specialty courses.

Pictured is Denéa who selected 4 AWARE choices for her Divemaster GOLD programs Project AWARE, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, AWARE Fish ID and the latest specialty AWARE Shark Conservation. I’m sure we’ll see more from our Divemaster trainees soon as they take action to protect the underwater world.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and keep up the good work towards protecting precious sharks and our ocean planet.

Shuffleboard 2012 Cup Results

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Posted on 19th February 2012 by calypso in Entertainment |General

The third Boracay Island Shuffleboard World Cup at Calypso Lounge took place 15-18 February 2012. The 2011 Germany Champs team were attending to defend their title. 10 countries registered this year: Philippines, Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Holland and New Zealand. With 10,000 pesos in prize money from Calypso Lounge, raffle sponsored by Asia Divers and Calypso Diving, and welcome drinks sponsored by San Miguel, the event promised to be a great one. Gio and Icy were are lively hosts for the 4-day event.

In the qualifying rounds the countries played thier to identify the top two or four players for their team(s). By the third evening the 16 selected teams were ready to play two doubles games each and decide the top 8 scorers that would go through to the quarter finals. After the rounds the ranking was Philippines Team A, Germany Team A (2011 defending champs), Austria Team B, Philippines Team B, England Team A, Austria Team A, England Team B and Australia Team B.

The final evening was knock-out games. All throughout the final rounds the defending champs looked strong, yet so did the Philippines (with one of their members being the 2010 champ). There was early speculation that it would once again be a Germany-Philippines final. And indeed it was. After a tense game with everyone almost holding their breath, Germany successfully defended their title and Micheal and Jens once again became the Boracay Island Shuffleboard World Cup holders. After the streamers, photos and kissing of the trophy, the prize draw for all registered players topped off the evening.

Photos by Denéa

Thanks to everyone for taking part and making the Shuffeboard World Cup of Boracay 2012 so much fun. See you at the Lounge for our regular tournaments to get prepared for more World Cup action in 2013!

Da na na na Nitrox!

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Posted on 10th February 2012 by calypso in Diving

After starting her PADI specialty training, Denéa is delighted with her Enriched Air Diver certification and proudly shows off her new NITROX = TIME+ = FISH++ T-shirt. She comments:

Denea at Calypso's Nitrox Zone“Most of my friends just roll their eyes when I exclaim, for the umpteenth time, “I’d live in the sea if I could.” But it’s true, I would happily shift my residence to the ocean floor if it was possible! So the thought of extended bottom time has always appealed to me.

And now, thanks to completing the Enriched Air Nitrox specialty I’ll be photographing pgymy seahorses next dive for as long as patience permits.

- give this specialty a go, it explains a good deal more about breathing gases, partial pressure and the physics of diving
- get a computer, and use it. If you don’t already have one, it really will be your best bud
- if you’re thinking about a compact diving holiday where you’re spending most of your time in the water, rock the Nitrox. Less nitrogen in your body, more bottom time and therefore, more diving”

And she’ll be ‘going green’ in more ways than one with the 4 other specialties she’s chosen: Project AWARE, Coral Reef Conservation, Fish Identification, and Shark Conservation.

Calypso Dive Against Debris

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Posted on 6th February 2012 by calypso in Diving |Environment

The Calypso Diving team got together for a Dive Against Debris on our White Beach house reef this Sunday at 1pm. Our two GoPro interns – one just starting PADI Divemaster and the other preparing with Specialty courses – both joined us for their first Project AWARE dive. During the dive, we were pleased to see some lovely sightings on the house reef, including two pairs of robust ghost pipefish and a seahorse! Within an hour the team had also collected an estimated 7 – 8 kgs of trash ranging from plastic and tin cans to a lens cap and a bracelet. Divemaster-in-training Denéa, who’s been studying the Debris ID Guide, then organized the trash to be sorted into the 9 categories and recorded for the coordinator to report to Project AWARE. She comments:

“Being involved with the dive against debris was a great experience and it felt really good to be doing something for the environment. When we found the cute bracelet it was the like the ocean was saying thank-you!”

Another successful cleanup dive! Thanks to the team for all their hard work and making White Beach a cleaner place.

Denéa’s Diary: Throwing a Joke

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Posted on 3rd February 2012 by calypso in Career |Diving |General

Denea with her new Calypso Nudibranch TeeMeet Denéa, our new Go Pro intern! She’s just joined us for a PADI program of Rescue Diver, Specialties and Divemaster over the next couple of months. Denéa is also a freelance travel writer, who’ll be blogging and writing an article about her experience. She’s also mad about nudibranchs! Here’s the first blog – Throwing a Joke:

“The rescue course was decidedly the most difficult of the PADI courses I’ve taken to date. The physical elements, along with the demand for problem solving on the spot in real life scenarios made it challenging and very rewarding to complete.

I, on the other hand, and no pun intended, struggled the most with a pathetically simple task-rope throwing. One of the ways to assist a diver from afar is to toss a length of rope to them. The course requires a 9m throw with the end landing near, if not directly next to the diver.

Let me start by noting that I’ve never thrown a rope in my life.. and it showed! Attempt #1 landed on the roof, attempts 2 through 5 assisted the tree off to the right, the steps immediately in front of me, and the roof once more, preciously jack-all help to the diver in the pool, 10 meters in front of me.

By attempt 12 I’d landed it near him once, and had begun to draw an amused crowd of on-lookers from the dive shop.

According to one of the instructors I had 25 tries (I’m sure it was only 20!) and sort of got into the swing (pun intended) of it by the end. Needless to say, there’s going to be a lot of rope throwing in my future, and tales of throwing a joke in my DM file.

The lessons:

-coil the rope, ensuring it’s untangled and the lengths are laid next to one another in succession before you throw it -look directly past your target a little in a straight line -toss half with your dominant hand and let the length free from your other hand to uncoil in the air -keep going until you get it.”

Denéa Buckingham