Earth Hour 2011

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Posted on 27th March 2011 by calypso in Environment

Earth Hour 2011 at CalypsoThe aim of Earth Hour is to raise awareness about sustainability issues and empower individuals to contribute to solving the climate change crisis.

On the evening of 26 March, Calypso and Pinjalo Resort, along with other businesses and communities, switched off lights and air-con to effect a positive change. By participating in this simple act, we focus on the urgent need to address climate change, and shows that it is possible for everyone to make a difference. The theme of this year’s event was “60+: Beyond the Hour”, so visit for more information on what else you can do to make a difference to our planet!

Thanks to all who participated in the Earth Hour and to our guests for enjoying their evening by candle-light!

Palau Liveaboard Fun


Posted on 12th March 2011 by calypso in Diving

Palau, west Micronesia, just a short hop east of the Philippines, is a rich pristine marine environment famous for its drop-offs, currents and pelagic activity. Few places on earth can boast the diving opportunities offered around these lush mushroom-shaped islands. We boarded Aggressor II for a world-class dive vacation!

Photos by Rene Buob © 2011:

Our home for the week is modern and spacious with all the conveniences a diver could hope for and a great crew: Captain Drew, instructor Adi, photo pro “Polar Bear“ Ben, Hector, Nick, Loly and Mani, the chef, who impresses us immediately with his delicious creations. After eating and sleeping, of course it’s time for diving. The blacktip sharks around the boat at our mooring give us a taste for the action to come.

Remnants of the Palau’s role in WWII can be found both on land and underwater. The Rock Islands are dotted with war-time relics, such as eerie ship wrecks like the Iro Maru, which we dived on the first day. Batfish are plentiful and the crocodilefish pose on the wreck for the photographers.

The limestone islands also have many tunnels and swim-throughs. Blue Holes is a collection of large chimneys that open out onto a beautiful sheer wall. Fast-paced pelagic action is plentiful at Blue Corner and Ulong Channel. These drift dives are packed with profuse shark activity and lush corals. In the current, we hook in to the rocky area on top of the wall and the large marine life comes to us. Greyreef and whitetip sharks are many amongst the schooling fish, and spotted eagle rays make an appearance. Huge Napoleon wrasse watch us and then come in nose-to-nose with the divers when their curiosity gets the better of them. After the action at the wall we drift along the plateau and come across turtles.

German Channel is also a real treat, with two cleaning stations where Mantas hang out and swim around in a trance during cleaning. One glided repeatedly over our heads! No-one wanted to leave the Manta and ascend at the end of that dive.

After over 20 incredible dives, we finish up the trip with snorkeling at Jellyfish Lake, which is swarming with stingless Golden jellies. In the sunlight they are beautiful and fascinating. It’s a delightful ending to a fabulous liveaboard trip.

Following the huge success of this trip, we will be planning more exciting liveaboards for 2012. Watch this space!

Download the Palau 2011 Liveaboard story (PDF).

IDC Dates 2011

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Posted on 8th March 2011 by calypso in Career |Diving

PADI Professional diverDo you have a passion for the underwater world and diving? Do you want to live the dream and help people transform their lives? As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you can!

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Calypso’s 5 Star IDC Center prepares you to be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

We have now set the IDC schedule at Calypso Diving for 2011:

EFRI: May 17-18, 2011
IDC: May 19-30, 2011
IE: June 01-02, 2011

EFRI: Oct 20-21, 2011
IDC: Oct 22 – Nov 01, 2011
IE: Nov 03-04, 2011

Please contact for further details.

Divemaster Graduation

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Posted on 3rd March 2011 by calypso in Career |Diving

Special congratulations Jonatan Berndtsson, who recently graduated as a PADI Divemaster!

Jon says:
“I came to Boracay for a one week vacation and discovered Calypso: after my Rescue Diver course I decided to stay on for Divemaster! I learned so much and had a lot of fun: it’s a real milestone for me”.

He’s now getting experience at Calypso and is working towards his PADI DSD Leader certification.

Here are some underwater photos of Jon and the marine life, taken by Divemaster Chris Hamaoui during the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course.