Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Instructors.

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Posted on 9th October 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |Environment |General

Congratulations to Julius, Sergey, Angi and Gregory who became Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Instructors with Course Director and Specialty Instructor Trainer Sue Gibbins. Everyone had a brilliant dive at Camia 2 Wreck with it’s abundance of marine life. If you would like to become a Specialty Instructor in Enriched Air Nitrox or another specialty of interest you would like to teach, please contact Sue Gibbins for more information, idc@calypso-boracay.com

The Fantastic 4 Triumph!

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Posted on 9th October 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

The Fantastic 4 of Bernie, Sergey, Gregory and Angi successfully completed the PADI Instructor Development Course with Course Director Sue Gibbins, Master Instructor Andrew Barrett and Staff Instructor Cyrus Zand, and then were triumphant in the PADI Instructor Exam. It was a great few weeks and we have all had loads of fun with the hard work that was put in by everyone. Congratulations everyone. If you would like to enroll in the next PADI IDC with Calypso Diving and Sue Gibbins please contact us:- idc@calypso-boracay.com

Rhoda Goes Pro!

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Posted on 14th September 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

Rhoda finally becomes a PADI Dive Professional. It has taken a little longer than she had hoped but Rhoda rose to the challenge of becoming a PADI Pro finishing her Divemaster Course off by guiding some of our guests and staff members at Camia 2 Wreck under her instructor Cyrus’s watchful eye. Everyone had a great dive and an equally great evening with the snorkel test and shuffleboard tournament. Congratulations Rhoda you will be a great Divemaster.

Hi 5 With Calypso Diving’s IDC and PADI IE.

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Posted on 23rd July 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

Congratulations to our 5 new PADI Instructors. It has been an intensive couple of weeks at Calypso Diving. Prior to the Instructor Development Course (IDC) there were 3 days of in water and classroom preparation for the candidates to home their skills and knowledge. Then PADI Course Director, Sue Gibbins, and PADI Master Instructors Andrew Barrett and Peter Tay guided the 5 candidates from, France, The Philippines and China through the IDC and onto the ultimate goal, passing the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) and becoming instructors themselves. The IDC consists of knowledge development presentations, confined water presentations and open water presentations. With the IE testing the knowledge and skills they have acquired across 2 days. It was all worth the enormous effort which was put in by the candidates and staff, and we now have 5, very happy, new PADI Instructors on Boracay. Congratulations.

If you would like information on on our up and coming IDC’s please email:- idc@calypso-boracay.com

Angi and KF Go Pro.

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Posted on 10th May 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |General

Angi Troy left the exotic climate of the UK and embarked on an adventure to become a PADI PRO. Angi was with us for just over 10 weeks starting with the PADI Open Water course and worked her way up to becoming a PADI Divemaster. We look forward to seeing Angi when she returns this month. Angi will be working full time with us as a Divemaster gaining experience and hopefully going onto becoming an instructor in the future.

KF Chan joined us from Hong Kong for nearly two weeks for an intensive Divemaster course, thank goodness he completed PADI eLearning prior to arrival. Although it was a short time KF grasped what was required from a Divemaster and will be back again soon, on his next vacation, to gain more hands on experience with Divemaster duties and assisting on courses before going onto become an instructor next year.

Congratulations to you both and all the best in the future.

Kevin’s Divemaster Graduation.

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Posted on 13th March 2014 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |General

Our good friend Sir Kevin of England came to visit us once more and this time completed Emergency First Response and PADI Rescue Diver before Chris and Andrew put him through his paces on the PADI Divemaster course. Lots of fun was had by all during the courses and we finished off with the traditional snorkel test. See you soon.

Second Maniguin Relief Trip.

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Posted on 13th December 2013 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

Following on from an enormously successful first trip with relief goods for the people of Maniguin Island we went again. With further donations from our divers and money still left over from the first trip, Christmas presents purchased in Manila, along with soft drinks and sacks of rice were packed onto Isla once again and we headed off to the remote island to ensure a very happy Christmas. The people again greeting us with open arms and words of thanks. The Captain of the island community said she would protect the Maniguin dive sites for future generations to enjoy, a move in the right direction. The Captain also told us that they are starting to receive Government aid now as well. Calypso Diving would like to thank everyone who kindly donated.

Beach Clean UP.

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Posted on 13th December 2013 by calypso in Diving |Environment |General

We decided to conduct a beach clean up post Super Typhoon Yolanda and pre Christmas. The whole team was involved and we had a great time. It was interesting that there was not as much trash as we expected following the typhoon. We still retrieved glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic fragments and everyday trash. It was great to see critters like pipe horses, ghost pipefish, shrimps and crabs. Once back we segregated the trash for disposal and recycling. Gery rescued an orang-utan crab and returned him safely back to the ocean. Great job Team.

Maniguin Relief Trip.


Posted on 29th November 2013 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

Saturday 23rd November 2013. Calypso Diving finally set sail to Maniguin Island after post poning the trip due to bad weather.Maniguin Islandis 26 nautical miles from Boracay and has around 900 people living there. The community is very isolated and depend upon sea weed farming and fishing to make ends meet. We departed at 4am and arrived at Maniguin Island around 9am after 5 hours on the high seas. It was all worth the effort though. On arrival we were greeted by the Captain of the island along with all the families and children. With the help and coordination ot the Captain we were able to distribute the relief aid to the families who had been living off sea weed and coconuts with no fresh water. Calypso Diving would like to thank Beno Iseli, Kevin Goodwin, Olle Anderson, Johan Munthe, Jonas Jansson, Erik Logdberg, Kristian Nylen, The Rotary Club (Marlow), Andre Stalder, Lisbeth and Ruedi Kneubuehler, Carlota Cura, Tanja Bjoroy, Alberto P. Nunez, Klaus and Cornelia Aebi, Calypso Staff and everyone who helped out. A truely successful trip, thank you.

Please click the following link to see the video:-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMCQm64-bhg&feature=youtu.be

Pool Clean Up.


Posted on 29th November 2013 by calypso in Career |Diving |Entertainment |Environment |General

Super Typhoon Yolanda filled the Calypso Diving pool with palm leaves, roof tiles and any other debris that was not secured down. We drained the pool, cleaned it and made some slight repairs such as new pool lights. The pool took 14 hours to drain and 9 days to refill. The pool is now reopened and confined water training underway.